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Plant Science for Climate Emergency
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  • May 07,2021
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Plant Science for Climate Emergency


Climate change is one of the most serious threats humanity has ever faced.

Developing crops that are more resilient to rapidly changing and harsher environments will be crucial for tomorrow’s food production. Green biotechnology offers solutions to maintain high food productivity while preserving the earth’s valuable ecosystems. In addition, plants may also play an important role in mitigating the rising levels of greenhouse gases.

This VIB conference ‘Plant Science for Climate Emergency’ aims at reviewing current research on adapting plants to climate change as well as on using plants for mitigating the accumulation of greenhouse gasses.

Twenty leaders in plant biotechnology will present the latest developments in sessions focused on drought tolerance, tolerance to high temperatures, salt and flooding tolerance, the effects of climate change on defense systems against insects and pathogens, carbon capturing plants, crop engineering and improvement, nitrogen use efficiency, and much more.

Besides an inspiring scientific program, conference participants will have ample networking opportunities during the poster sessions, the reception, and the conference dinner.

Registration deadline: 24/05/2021


  • Wout Boerjan  - VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology, BE
  • Hidde Boersma - freelance science journalist, essayist and documentary film maker, NL
  • Wolfgang Busch  - Salk Institute for Biological Studies, US
  • Jorge Casal - University of Buenos Aires, AR
  • Ana Caño Delgado  - Centre For Research In Agricultural Genomics, ES
  • Laura Dixon - University of Leeds, UK
  • Tobias Erb - Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, DE
  • Matthew Gilliham  - The University of Adelaide, AU
  • Cara Haney - The University of British Columbia, CA
  • Sheng-Yang He - Michigan State University, USA
  • Gabriel Krouk - CNRS/INSB/UMR5004, FR
  • Yunhai Li - Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
  • Mark Lynas - Visiting Fellow, Cornell Alliance for Science, Cornell University, US
  • Wenbo Ma  - University of California Riverside, USA
  • Donald Richard Ort - University of Illinois, USA
  • Pierdomenico Perata  - Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies Pisa, IT
  • Rashmi Sasidharan - Utrecht University, NL
  • Motoaki Seki - RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science, JP
  • Mechthild Tegeder - Washington State University, USA
  • Christa Testerink - Wageningen University, NL
  • Nicolaus von Wirén - Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, DE

Twitter: #PlantResearch21

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